Crowdsourcing Wage Pledge Survey

In late 2017, new research revealed that the median wage earned by workers on Amazon Mechanical Turk, probably the most well-known platform for crowdsourced research, is around USD 2.00 per hour. Over 2,600 workers participated in the study. Less than 5% earned more than the US minimum wage of USD 7.25 per hour, even though more than 75% of Mechanical Turk workers are in the US and research shows that many of these workers rely on crowd work as a primary or sole source of income.

Crowdsourcing is increasingly important in research and is essential in many “artificial intelligence” applications, including self-driving cars.

The goal of this survey is to assess requesters’ interest in voluntarily committing to pay at least US minimum wage when using crowdsourcing platforms.

The intention is to assess interest especially among academic users of Mechanical Turk, but non-academic crowdsourcing requesters and requesters using other platforms are welcome to participate.

Survey Logistics

This survey is being conducted by M. Six Silberman with support from an international advisory board of researchers and requesters. The data collected will not be published or forwarded to any third party, except in aggregate form, without participants’ explicit consent.

For more information, see the Data Protection Statement or contact Silberman at

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